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                Product Information
                Your Position :Product
                - Voltage detector IC  
                - Reset IC  
                - 1-Cell Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - 2-Cell Lithium Battery Charger IC
                - Multi-Cell Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - LA Battery Charger IC
                - LiFePO4 Battery Charger IC
                - Solar Panel-Powered Charger IC
                - NIMH Battery Charger IC
                - SuperCapacitor Charge Charger IC
                - WLED Driver
                - DC-DC Converter
                - LDO
                - Amplifiers
                PWM Step-down DC-DC Controller IC
                Product Profile
                    Application Note
                General Description:
                The CN5208 is a switch-mode PWM step-down DC-DC controller using few external components.
                It achieves 5A continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and line regulation. The output voltage is internally set at 5V.
                The high switching frequency of 550KHz allows tiny external components to be usable. The CN5208 is designed to be stable with ceramic output capacitor. Pulse skipping mode is adopted under light load for high efficiency. Furthermore, the low operating current and low dropout operation make the CN5208 is suitable for battery powered systems.
                Fault protection includes cycle-by-cycle current limit, short output protection and output overvoltage protection. In shutdown mode, the CN5208 draws only 7.5μA(VCC=15V) of supply current. On-chip soft-start minimizes the inrush supply current and the output overshoot at initial startup.
                The CN5208 is available in a space-saving 8-pin SOP package.
                Set-Top Box, Modems Pre-regulator
                Distributed Power Systems Battery Chargers
                Wide Input Voltage: 4.8V to 32V
                Operating with an External P-Channel MOSFET
                Output Current Up to 5A
                Fixed Switching Frequency: 550KHz
                Fixed Output Voltage with 1% Accuracy
                Efficiency up to 95%
                Low Drop-Out Mode
                On-Chip Power-On Delay to Debounce Input Supply
                Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
                Overvoltage protection
                Frequency Foldback for Output Short Circuit Protection
                Built-in Soft Start
                High Efficiency at Light Load with Pulse Skipping Mode
                Shutdown Curent: 7.5uA typical at 15V
                Operating Ambient Temperature:-40℃ to +85℃
                Available in 8-Pin SOP Package
                Pb-free, Rohs-Compliant, Halogen Free
                Applications Note:
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