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                Product Information
                Your Position :Product
                - Voltage detector IC  
                - Reset IC  
                - 1-Cell Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - 2-Cell Lithium Battery Charger IC
                - Multi-Cell Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - LA Battery Charger IC
                - LiFePO4 Battery Charger IC
                - Solar Panel-Powered Charger IC
                - NIMH Battery Charger IC
                - SuperCapacitor Charger
                - WLED Driver
                - DC-DC Converter
                - LDO
                - Amplifiers
                PFM Step-up Battery Charger Controller IC
                Product Profile
                      Application Note
                General Description:
                CN3302 is a PFM mode step-up battery charge management IC, with operating voltage range between 2.7V to 6.5V. It is specially designed for 2-cell lithium battery charge management with fewer external components. CN3302 adopts constant current and quasi-constant voltage(Quasi-CVTM) mode to charge battery.
                On power up, CN3302 enters charging state, the external N-channel MOSFET is turned on, inductor current rises. When inductor current reaches upper limit, the N-channel MOSFET is turned off, inductor is discharged, the energy stored in inductor is transferred to battery. When the inductor current is discharged to its lower limit, the N-channel MOSFET is turned on again. When BAT pin voltage reaches 8.4V(Typ.) for the first time, CN3302 enters quasi-CV mode, in which the charge current is reduced. The charge process is only terminated when BAT voltage reaches 8.4V for the second time. In termination mode, the external N-channel MOSFET is turned off. When BAT voltage falls below recharge threshold, the CN3302 enters charge mode again. CN3302’s switching frequency can be up to 1MHz, which makes a small-profile inductor usable.
                If battery voltage is lower than input voltage by a diode drop, CN3302 will increase the off time to 5us to reduce the charge current as a purpose of battery protection with the joint action of external N-channel and P-channel MOSFET.
                The other features include chip enable input, status indication, etc.
                CN3302 is available in 8-pin SOP package.
                2-Cell Lithium Battery Charge Management POS, Electric Fan
                Audio System Standalone battery charger
                Input Voltage Range:2.7V to 6.5V
                Operating Current:280uA@VIN=5V
                Inductor Current Detection
                Switching Frequency up to 1MHz
                Quasi-CV mode to Compensate for the Voltage Loss on Battery Internal Resistance and Trace Resistance
                Automatic Recharge
                Output Power up to 35W
                Protection for Battery Voltage Being Low than Input and Short Battery
                Good adaptability to Input Supply with Limited Driving Capability
                Chip Enable Input
                Battery Overvoltage Protection
                Status Indication
                Operating Temperature Range:-40℃ to 85℃
                Available in SOP8 Package
                Lead-free, rohs-Compliant and Halogen Free
                Application Note:
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