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                Product Information
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                - Voltage detector IC  
                - Reset IC  
                - Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - Coin Battery Charger IC
                - LA Battery Charger IC
                - LiFePO4 Battery Charger IC
                - Solar Panel-Powered Charger IC
                - NIMH Battery Charger IC
                - SuperCapacitor Charger IC
                - WLED Driver
                - DC-DC Converter
                - LDO
                - Amplifiers


                CN3302 PFM Step-up 2-cell Lithium Battery Charger IC
                Wide Input Voltage: 2.7V to 6.5V
                Output Power up to 35W
                Quasi-CV mode to Compensate for the Voltage Loss on Battery Internal Resistance and Trace Resistance
                Good adaptability to Input Supply with Limited Driving Capability
                CN5208 PWM Step-down DC-DC Controller IC
                Wide Input Voltage: 4.8V to 32V
                Output Current Up to 5A
                Fixed Output 5V with 1% Accuracy
                Available in 8-Pin SOP Package
                CN3125 Linear SuperCapacitor Charger IC With Cell Balancing
                2.7V to 6V Input Voltage Range
                Continuous Charge Current Up to 1.5A
                Automatic Cell Balancing to Prevent Suercapacitors Overvoltage During Charging
                Constant Voltage is set by External Resistors
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