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                Product Information
                Your Position Product
                - Voltage detector IC  
                - Reset IC  
                - Li+ Battery Charger IC
                - Coin Battery Charger IC
                - LA Battery Charger IC
                - LiFePO4 Battery Charger IC
                - Solar Panel-Powered Charger IC
                - NIMH Battery Charger IC
                - Li+ Titanate Battery Charger IC
                - WLED Driver
                - DC-DC Converter
                - N-channel MOSFET
                - P-channel MOSFET
                - Amplifiers


                SuperCapacitor Charger IC

                Part No

                Chemistry/Cell No.

                Operating Mode

                Maximum Input Voltage

                Maximum Continuous Charge Current

                Charge Termination



                Minimum Charge Current
                Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 6V
                On-chip Power MOSFET
                No external Blocking Diode or Current Sense Resistors Required
                Constant Voltage is set by External Resistors
                Continuous Charge Current Up to 1.5A
                Automatic Cell Balancing to Prevent Suercapacitors Overvoltage During Charging


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